Thursday, 26 November 2015

How to Prepare Shredded Beef and Green Pepper Sauce (Photo)

Eating at home always has its attraction. You slip  into something comfortable ,seat comfortably on your dinning table  and eat at your pace not thinking of driving home at the end of a pleasurable experience of eating.
My shredded beef sauce is one way of helping you experience this relaxed feeling at the same time transporting yourself in to the world of a Chinese restaurant .  I know many Nigerians love Chinese food and some of us know the story of an Igbo trader, brother who wanting to impress his new girlfriend says to her that he will take her to a  ‘Chineze’ restaurant meaning a Chinese restaurant .
I love the stir frying of Chinese foods which when well handled prevents less oil from being retained in the food. Stir frying actually applies little oil with high heat in very short time to get food to the table. I particularly like this for vegetable as this helps to retain the crunchiness of vegetables
In today’s dish you can actually pack in more vegetable than the meat if this is your preference. You can also switch beef for chicken or fish.
I found the regular beef in the Nigerian market a bit tough for this dish. I actually opted for tender beef cuts from the shop.If you are buying beef from the Nigerian open market, I will recommend to hit you beef cut with rolling pin to soften it and freeze it a bit to make cutting easier. Make sure it’s not frozen hard as this will make cutting difficult
Enjoy your Chinese meal seating in the comfort of your home!
Nutritip: Larger portions of vegetables on the plate is one way of reducing carb intake. But again if you are struggling to gain weight you balance increase your carb a bit and still keep good portion of veggies.
Recipe ( serves 4)
Beef Slices ( size of your palm)
1 big size Green Pepper
Dry pepper for seasoning beef
1/2 teaspoon Garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon Ginger powder
1tablespoon Corn Flour for coating beef
1 tbsp Soy sauce( optional)
Beef seasoning cube to taste
Salt to taste
2 cooking spoons Vegetable oil
1/2 cup Water
1, Cut beef into strips, and leave to thaw well if still frozen.
2, Season with garlic powder, ginger, beef seasoning, salt and toss beef well in the mixture.
3,Sprinkle in the flour , ensuring that the flour coats all the strips well. Set aside to rest  for about 10 minutes,to allow the flour stick well to the meat
4, Heat up very little oil and fry the beef strips till golden brown and set aside.
You will get good result by frying in small batches allowing each strip enough space in the frying pan
5,Pour in the onion and green pepper and fry for just 2 minutes  stirring though out, this is the stir frying( if the oil for frying the beef is much in frying pan pour out before frying your vegetables)
6,Remove your veggies and set aside add soy sauce to the pan and return  beef to frying pan , make a very light paste with corn flour and water and add to the beef,stir well, taste and correct seasoning and pepper level, cook for 5 minutes and corn starch will start to thicken.  This helps to make the sauce . If your beef is tough you may wish to use a little more water and cook beef slowly to get it soft.
7, Return veggies to beef pot ,stir and cook for just one minute .
8, Serve with rice.

 Credit: 1Q Food

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