Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Arsenal fan marries in complete gunners kit (Photo)

henhen! the way men love football and their team this day is getting much serious than we ever imagined. This man has shown his full support,passion,love, for Arsenal. He brandished himself in full gunners costume as he work down the aisle with his bride. in his social media account he said, "My wife is from Working, and she is awesome. She let me get married in my full Arsenal kit! Maybe I just got lucky,".

His bride his really awesome to have allowed them have a sporty marriage, and you know what I think they are unique, styles different from other weddings, and a breaking record wedding too.

So will you allow your spouse break records too by working down the aisle completely dressed in his team kits?. Imagine you wearing a blue canvass on a blue wedding gown, lol!! to support him.
Kindly drop your comment!

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