Thursday, 21 January 2016


1.Meat of your choice (I prefer goat meat, Pomo and cow foot)
2. Fresh fish - best fish for the Urhobo Banga is cat fish or red snapper
3. Dry fish - if I use red snapper (fresh) then na dry cat fish I go use
4. Seasoning (maggi)
5. Spices for soup 1. Tyko 2. Obeletientien 3 Rogojie 4. Oburunbebe stick
6. Periwinkle
7. Snail (optional)
8. Grounded crayfish
9. 1 onion - I prefer the red as its sweeter
10. Palm kernel nuts - or if you are based aboard the palm oil in the tin

11. Fresh Fish -Cat fish
12. Chilli pepper
Note: You can also use banga spices if you can't get the ingredients separately

Step 1. boil palm kernel nut for 30mins
Step2. When soft pour the water away and then pound the nut with a mortar adding small water in the process
Step 3. When done pour in a pot and boil for 15 mins
Step 5. Pound/blend the Tyko, rohojie until it is smooth.
Step 6. As per the picture above your soup should now begin to separate (i.e. oil start to float on top)

Step 7. Add your boiled meat into the soup, adding 2 spoons (the big cooking one) of stock into the soup.

Step 8. Add 2. Tablespoons (depending on size of pot the bigger the more u add) of the blended spice into the soup. This will now start to thicken it.
Step9. After 10 mIns Add the blended Cray fish, chilli pepper, seasoning cubes (taste the soup) and periwinkle into the pot
Step 10. Add half of the Oburunbebe stick to the soup
Step 11. Leave to boil for 10 mins add the fish last. ( I never add fish first as it cooks quick and will scatter everywhere in the soup)
 Step 12. Remove the oburunbebe from pot and keep for another time add a tea spoon of Obeletientien into soup. Cook another 5 mins and soup is ready.
Step 13. You can decide to dry the soup with the native pot, as per tradition by pouring the soup in a native small pot before serving and put on the cooker to dray a bit as this thickens the soup slightly and also give it a kind of native taste

Step 14. Your soup is ready, serve with pounded yam, Eba, wheat, semo, fufu e.t.c.

kindly Note: if it's the tin you brought then start from step 3.

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