Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Journalist Killed by ISIS After Her Tweets 'Being Killed By Them Is Better Than Living Under Humiliation'

 A female journalist who tweeted that being killed by ISIS was better than living under their "humiliating" rules has been killed. Ruqia Hassan, who also went by the name Nisan Ibrahim, was a reporter and activist for Raqqa, a human rights group.
Abu Mohammed, founder of the group, tweeted that her last words were: "I’m in Raqqa and I received death threats, and when ISIS [arrests] me and kills me it’s ok because they will cut my head and I have dignity its better than I live in humiliation with ISIS [sic]"
Ruqia openly spoke out against the Islamic extremist group on a number of occasions. One of her last Facebook posts mocked Isis for shutting down Wifi signals across Raqqa.
She wrote: "Go ahead and cut off our internet, our messenger pigeons won't complain."

It is not known when she was killed. Her family were informed of her death just three days ago. She is believed to be the first female citizen journalist to be killed for reporting within Syria.

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