Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Gosple artiste, Ommoh Ge drops her debut single 'MY DESTINY'! (Photo)

Ommoh Ge Port Harcourt based gospel artiste has released her much anticipated single 'MY DESTINY' produced by King Busky. The rendition of the song written in Esan language, Igbo and English is so power, prophetic and soul lifting!. My destiny is inspired by Ommoh Ge life experience. see lyrics and download link to listen below 

She said, Over the years this words “I know the thoughts that I think towards you, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end”, kept me going. This is why I can confidently say there is good news for you today, no matter how battered, shattered and hopeless your case is right now, the destiny changer is changing your destiny around for your good because your destiny is sure. It’s a praise medley, it’s a prophetic song. I believe in you and I know you will all make it in life, just believe’’. Well done, great song!! is indeed prophetic.

Artiste Profile
Ommoh G  by name Gloria O. Ekhorutomwen, was born and raised in Edo state, NIGERIA-WEST AFRICA. She started singing at a tender age in children’s choir and has been involved with music at different level. Her music took a new turn when she contested  in a gospel talent hunt in winners chapel kano (living faith church) called BEZALEE, also has contested in Naija sings, She’s a graduate of Estate management and Post Graduate Diploma holder of Environmental Resources Managements. She is married to Chris Ekhorutomwen and she is a proud mother of a beautiful daughter, Ommoh G is a passionate singer/song writer, praise worship leader who has the passion to see people all over the globe inspired to praise and worship God. She is a gospel singer who have the privilege of seeing the heavens open, souls lifted under the sounds of her lovely voice with deliverance and  the extraordinary take place as a normalcy.

Facebook : Ommoh Iredia
Twitter: @OmmohGe
Email: chrixtotech.citi@gmail.com

Oba nuno Oba (King of kings)
Okutete bite (lord of lords)
Onizele mhendigwe kauen mosenobula
Ediagbonmhen kiwenfo osenobula yanlen
Ikhikauenmo senobula Ediagbonmhen kinhenfo
Ramude iyama oribhe gbemhen fo
Onizele mhendigwe kauen mosenobula
My destiny is sure na God he get am oh
Praise the lord my Destiny is sure
Because I carry the mark of God the mark of Chinekem
Goodu goodu things  naim be my portion
Na only goodu things (2x)
Goodu goodu things
Naim be my portion
Blessings of wealth blessings of children
Goodu goodu things naim be my portion
London today America tomorrow
Goodu goodu things na my portion
Better better motor correct correct school
goodu goodu things naim be my portion
Pa Sulema say you don’t serve a dead God, you serve a Mighty (3x) God
he’s the same yesterday, today and forever when God say’s yes no power can say no
God is on your side
Favor is on your side
Power is on your side
Supernatural breakthrough on your side o
Victory is on your side o
Blessing is on your side
Upliftment  na your portion
goodu (4x) ehh
goodu goodu things are my portion.
(Repeat chorus)
Ebezina Makachukwu Non nso (don’t cry)
Akwa Na akwa Maka Chukwu Non nso (cry not for God is by your side)
Odi Onye Diriya  (no one like my God)
odi ihekariya (no one is greater than my God)
goodu goodu things i say na goodu goodu things oh
na goodu (6x) things ehhh
goodu goodu things
maka chukwu kam Ge mara gi (I knew you because of Christ )
Are you an orphan; you feel there’s no hope for you
I am the father to the fatherless, mother to the motherless
Are you a business man or a business woman  market seller
I say put your trust in God
He will bless your market oh and move your business to another  level chai Akanchawa
Goodu things Goodu goodu things oh
Repeat chorus
ye give the lord a dance put those hands together Abo
he’s a faithful God
Are you a single lady you are looking for Mr right oh Relax, don’t worry Mr right is by your side o
are you a single man oh you are looking for Miss Right oh don’t worry Miss right is by your side
he’s a covenant keeping God what he says he go do oh
Goodu  (5x) things oh
perhaps they call you barren them say you  no go fit born listen your children will surround your table oh
goodu goodu things naim be your portion oh

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