Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Man arrested for rape and impregnating girl in Malawi (Photo)

Police in Nkhata-Bay have exercised the law on a 20 year old Andrew Bernard for allegedly defiling a 14 year old girl at Kawalazi Estate in the district, impregnating her in the process.
Bernard is reported to have been committing the offence on the girl since mid-last year.
Nkhata-Bay Police Public Relation Officer, Igneous Esau said police was tipped about the act by some people within the said estate.

“The guardians to the girl in accompany of other relatives to the girl notified us about some pregnancy signs in the girl and upon critically analyzing the situation including the age of the girl; the parents did their role and we did ours on the matter,” said Esau.
Esau said when they followed up the issue, including interrogating the girl, the girl revealed to have been having unprotected sex with the suspect at hand.

“According to what we got, the girl revealed that, she has been having unprotected sex with Andrew Bernard since May last year but she did not reveal the frequency, whether it was intentional or she did it unconsciously,” said Esau.
Medical examination on the girl at Kavuzi Health Centre confirmed that the girl was indeed defiled and that she was four months pregnant.

The Police PRO has since said according to police statements the suspect has pleaded guilty to the charge but will be paraded in court where it will be decided as he responds to defilement offence under section 138 of the penal code which attracts a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.
The suspect comes from Likhweche Village, Traditional Authority Kachindamoto in Dedza district.

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