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"Okwuokpellagbe's order that Erhurun Uneme should be attacked and wiped out because of Limestone sold to DANGOTE claiming ownership of the long existed village. As a result The people of Erhunrun Uneme has to face untold hardship, people of the town were seriously injured, properties destroyed e.t.c the worst of all is that routes into this village has presently been blocked, and villagers has to seek for alternative in a hard way".

ALHAJI A.Y.E. DIRISU is the King of the entire people called Okpella. Yesterday at the Area Commander office Auchi, Edo State in a truce meeting brokered by the Nigeria Police between Okpella and Erhurun Uneme in Etsako East LGA and Akoko Edo LGA respectively insisted that even though he did not send anybody or Vigilante to conquer or attack Erhurun Uneme all of the piece of land and everything underneath and above the surface around Ogute stretching to River Ovheni belongs to his kingdom. See Photo below (viewers discretion advise)

Uneme Erhurun villagers working on abadoned road
According to him and many others who I have had encounter with on the social media they have a government white paper of 1982 or thereabouts which empowered them to take title and ownership of all that Land.

Victims of the attacks.
Investigation has shown that the Erhurun Uneme community is not oblivious of the same government white paper which also empowered it to take title and ownership of same land stretching from Erhurun Uneme to Ogute 1 around the Akoko Edo Reservoir. A detail study and scrutiny of the same government white paper by the Erhurun Uneme elites even though the report was doctored and manipulated by the then Military governor of the state shows that the REPORT OR GAZZETTE is inchoate in Law.
 According to the white paper, the boundary between the two communities i.e Okpella and Erhurun Uneme is to remain where it is albinitio. In this case, we have the Okpella community who insisted that it has common boundary with the Ojirami whereas the Erhurun Uneme community vehemently insisted that it's common boundary is Erhurun Uneme 2 just by the Ogute Reservoir. By this judgement no part of the land was ceded to either of the two communities and that's what made the judgement INCHOATE and unenforceable.

HOWEVER the people of Erhurun Uneme would like to draw the attention of the Okwuokpellagbe to the fact that his ignorance stemmed from the inability to know that in 1962 at an Akoko Oke customary Court 32 in Igarra between Erhurun Uneme/Uneme Akiosu and Dangbala during the reign of King Okogbe a dispute over same land arose with S.L. Alabi presiding in which Judgement and boundary line was demarcated between the plaintiff and the defendant. In that judgement, copy of which is very handy with the Erhurun Uneme people Justice Alabi categorically stated that the RIVER OVHENI which the Okwuokpellagbe ignorantly lay claim to is the boundary between Ojirami and Erhurun Uneme. He went further to create a buffer zone in which he stated clearly that mineral deposits or anything found within the zone should be jointly consummated by the two communities.

It will also interest the Okwuokpellagbe too to direct that a Certified True Copy (CTC) of the original plan of boundary line 2 between Owan, Etsako and Akoko Edo be provided so that he can also have sufficient information about the boundary line. The file Number is MISC 467 scale N:50,000. Surveyor General of the state then was DR. S.A.A. OKPAISE. IT explicitly stated and demarcated clearly the boundary between the three local governments.
Pics. Show victims of Okwuokpellagbe's order that Erhurun Uneme should be attacked and wiped out because of Limestone which he fraudulently sold to DANGOTE.

Credit: The Ancient Benin Blacksmiths. The Unemes.(Fb Page)

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