Monday, 14 March 2016

Shocking! Woman Forced To Use Blade To Remove Twins From Her Dead Sister Corpse (Disturbing Photos)

This horrific scene took place in a Cameroon hospital environment yesterday. A pregnant woman got to the hospital in a taxi and upon arrival she was found dead, but the twins in her belly were hitting. The family rushed her into the hospital and begged the doctors to remove the babies but they refused and asked the woman's family to take her to the morgue. Very Graphic Photos below, viewer discretion advise.The family argued that the babies were still alive and kicking inside the dead woman but the hospital refused to touch her, frustrating the deceased's sister, who took matters in her own hands and decided to operate on her sister with a blade. One baby came out dead and the other came out breathing but later gave up the ghost.So Sad and disturbing.

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